IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 7 – misdreavus79 and our first ever contest!

Sorry for the delay!


With the holiday week this week (Canada Day and July 4th coming up!), getting the IGN Boards Modcast recorded proved difficult! Co-hosts daviddoel and luisoscarb are both away this week, leaving it to lone host, terror_beast to try and hold down the fort tongue Thankfully, -Sparky– is back once again and our special guest this week, misdreavus79 rounds out the cast!


misdreavus79 fills us in on life at the Pokemon boards, what it’s like to have to stick around near a college after graduating and why he thinks Pokemon is sure to die at some point!


We’ve got plenty of shout-outs! Many thanks to all of our listeners and people good enough to leave comments! We also tackle the LCD vs. Plasma debate in this week’s edition of “TerrorBeast’s Guide to Getting a Really Great Home Theatre” and we discuss the FCC’s move to change regulation on Product Placement in TV programs.


Episode 7 also brings us the first ever Modcast Contest Give Away!


This contest is open to residents of North America only. (Sorry to our overseas listeners sad )



Unscramble these two anagrams to form two video game related names:

1) Im a bond on comic

2) Six box comfort


Send your answers to ignmodcast@gmail.com – only entries sent to this e-mail address will be considered!

The first person to correctly answer both anagrams will win an IGN logo tote bag!

IGN Tote Bag


The winner will be announced on the next IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 8!


Thanks, everyone and enjoy Episode 7!

IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 7

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Thanks all!


– Robert H.


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