IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 5

Hi everyone! This week’s IGN Boards Modcast is another two-parter! Newly minted co-host luisoscarb is joined by terror_beast and our first guest this week, OldManLink! We get the details on IGN’s Icon Board, where OldManLink is one of the most active members, bringing you new submission threads for those wonderful little GIF images that make each of our posts unique grin He is also our first guest we’ve had on the Modcast who is living in Sweden! But sadly, no thick Swedish accent – bork bork bork! tongue

The second half of the show is a one-on-one interview. terror_beast interviews Super Smash Bros. World Site Manager and Mod extraordinaire, -Sparky–! We talk all about Super Smash Bros. World – your best resource for all things Smash Bros.! We also find out the secret to juggling modding, working a day job, volunteering AND working for IGN!

“TerrorBeast’s Guide to Getting a Really Great Home Theatre” is all about the new, Blu-ray HD-Audio formats this week and why the PS3 is your best choice for a Blu-ray player grin

Enjoy! And we’ll be back next week!

Listen here

As always, comments, questions and feedback are most welcome! Post a comment here in the blog or send your feedback to our Modcast e-mail:


Thanks all!

– Robert H.


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