IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 3 – enter luisoscarb and The Ladies’ Man!

Today, we welcome luisoscarb to Episode 3 of the IGN Boards Modcast! Well traveled, well educated and originally hailing from Paraguay, Luis not only manages to out host the hosts, but also introduces us to “The Ladies’ Man” – as daviddoel will be known from now on grin

Luis tells us what it’s like to be a stereotypical Paraguayan and how he puts up living in a straw hut. Sounds nice compared to the igloos that David and I must endure up here in Canada grin

Also, terror_beast is now supposedly lead host – but we’ll see how well that goes tongue We do have part 3 of “TerrorBeast’s Guide to Getting a Really Great Home Theatre” though and this marks the beginning of the adventure that is home theatre audio! We start today with some of the raw basics and a couple of recommendations if you just want a “quick fix” right away wink

Enjoy Episode 3 and we’ll be back next week!

Listen here

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Thanks all!

– Robert H.


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