IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 2

Episode 2 of the IGN Boards Modcast is here! Today we have a special two-part episode.

We start things off chatting with the super smart, super talented and super lovely, kiera2. Get the low down on what it’s like to live, study and work in Japan!

We also continue “TerrorBeast’s Guide to Getting a Really Great Home Theatre” as I offer up some quick pointers on the most important aspects of TVs and displays and how to pick out a good one!

Part 2 picks up as we are joined by kleck64! We get to hear all about what life is like on the DVD Community Board and why you might want to come check out that particular board if you haven’t posted there before (hint: it involves coloured screen names and presents grin )

Our lead host, daviddoel, is busy this week, so it’s up to me, terror_beast, to handle the hosting duties happy

Enjoy Episode 2 and we’ll be back next week!

Listen here

We are still looking for intro/outro music!

Please e-mail submissions to us at ignmodcast@gmail.com

Comments, questions, feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment here in the blog, or send us an e-mail – ignmodcast@gmail.com

– Robert H.


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