IGN Boards Modcast: Episode 1

Hello! We are here to announce a new podcast that we will have for you every week (usually around Sunday night or Monday), the IGN Boards Modcast. As the name implies, the podcast is recorded and edited by IGN Mods, discussing topics that range from world issues to what’s on the vesti.

We will constantly be changing and reworking aspects of the show and we would like you, the community, to be as much a part of that as possible. Any and all questions/comments/suggestions are welcome, and you may either leave a comment on the blog or send an email to ignmodcast@gmail.com (be sure to include your username in the email). We will try to respond to everyone and your question could end up on the air.

So without delaying it any further, today’s show is hosted by daviddoel (me), and terror_beast. This episode’s segments include:

* Introduction to the show

* What’s on the Vesti?

* Weekly gaming

* TerrorBeast’s Guide to Getting a Really Great Home Theatre (Part 1)

* Interview with a Mod

daviddoel and terror_beast will be regular hosts on the show and we’ll try to get as many different mods on as possible to join us.

You can download the first episode here:

IGN Boards Modcast – Episode 1

*We are looking for intro/extro music. If you have the skills necessary to create something original for us, send us an email at ignmodcast@gmail.com.

– David Doel

**This podcast is completely voluntary on the part of IGN Moderators, and has no ties to IGN.com**


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